With great pleasure we want to welcome our newest addition to the Agency: South African author Elana Bregin, who delighted us with her heart-warming and topical novel “The Antbear Cabin”:

A novel about Emanuel, a young Congolese refugee escaping the turmoil of conflict in his own country, surviving alone on the streets of Durban. And about Winter, a teacher at the other end of her life, with a quirky view on things and bossy manner, who has her own reasons for interfering in Emanuel’s life.
So begins their journey to the Antbear Cabin, realm of the secretive Antbear, denizen of the underground, who roams the nocturnal world between darkness and daylight; supreme digger of holes, whose disused burrows offer refuge to a host of other wild creatures.
Both Winter and Emanuel carry with them their own festering holes, and their shared company at first is not an easy match. But as the bond between them strengthens and their stories reveal themselves, each is released from the ghosts that inhabit them.

A story about the meshing of two lives from vastly different backgrounds and circumstances, each caught in suspension for different reasons, pulled together by the pain of inconclusive loss.

German rights sold!          World rights available

Elana Bregin is a Durban-based South African writer who draws her inspiration from the people, landscapes and conundrums of the country that is part of her. She has a list of published work that includes adult and young adult novels, children’s stories and short fiction published in SA, UK and USA. She worked for many years as a full-time editor for publishers and now earns her living as a freelance editor and gives creative-writing workshops from time to time.

Elana Bregin