Welcome Bengt Jangfeldt – award winning expert on Russian history

Bengt Jangfeldt

We proudly present the non-fiction book about Russia and the West, written by Professor Bengt Jangfeldt. The Swedish authority of Russian history focused on the influence of Western thoughts on the Russian Empire – and vice versa. Back from the 16th century, when Russia opened its border for European knowledge and people, up to nowadays.

When starting reading the book, I was directly hooked – never before I have read such a brilliant and entertaining analysis of the relationship between Europe and Russia, and it really helped me to understand the situation today.

In Italy Neri Pozza bought translation rights and published the book just a week ago, and tomorrow the author will be interviewed by Radio RAI. In Finnland Siltala publishing is translating the book right now.

Jangfeldt was twice awarded the August-Prize, Sweden’s highest acclaimed literary prize for native authors.

Gudrun Hebel

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