Since the long-awaited book 2 of the crime series with detective Snow “Fremmedlegeme” (“Mortal Remains”) has been published, it’s storming the Bestseller lists and getting great reviews!

It’s summer in Oslo. A woman is killed in the middle of the capital. The young police officer Lydia Winther, named Snow, is working on a case in which several men are missing. She is then asked to assist Hay and Marian Dahle at the Police Department on the occasion of the murder – could the cases somehow be linked together? And what does the old white house in the countryside which offers women and their children shelter from their abusive partners have to do with it? A dark and complex story around violence and anger evolves.

„There is little negative to say about Lindell’s brilliant thriller, other than that it could have been a bit longer. Lindell writes with pace as never before, and the book contains all the literary effects a crime novel should have, and it is shocking and violent how the ending unfolds, gothic and bloody. (…) This is highest quality crime, and it doesn’t get any better than this.“ Simen Ingemundsen, Randaberg 24

„Unni Lindell has written a captivating crime novel about violence against women. And the lurking revenge.“ Sindre Hovednakk, VG

Unni Lindell