»We are thrilled that we obtained the options to [Stefán Mánis] books. They have been bestsellers each year and we aim to turn them into an eight’to’ten part TV-series.«Variety

Not just one book but the whole crime series around Detective Hrafn Grímsson by Stefán Máni has been obtained by the Icelandic filmproductions Mystery Productions and Truenorth Productions.


Davíð Ólafsson and Kristinn Thordarson told the famous American entertainment magazine Variety in an interview that Mánis books will be produced as a TV-series, starting with his most recent title »Black Magic (Svartigaldur)«, which immediately landed in the top 3 of the bestseller list in Iceland back in December.

»We have been following Stefán Máni ever since his book »Blacks Game« was turned into a movie. His stories are mainstream and approachable and his main character Hrafn Grímsson is a very interesting person.«Variety

We are waiting on pins and needles to be able to watch an up to 10-episodes season of utter suspense!