Lars Mytting’s ’Svøm med dem som drukner’ (’The Sixteen Trees of the Somme’) has been put in the Top 12 of the 150 most suspenseful novels since 1900 by the renowned Norwegian Riverton Club. Even though the novel does not follow typical Crime fiction patterns, its mysterious character has been reason enough to rank it high on this exceptional list. Alongside Lars Mytting’s title are other classics by Andre Bjerke, Karin Fossum, Jo Nesbø and Arthur Omre.

This honour emphasises once again Lars Mytting’s status as a household name in Norwegian literature that will last a long time.

The Riverton Club is a Crime fiction based association founded in 1972 to promote fine Norwegian crime literature. As of 2016, the club has around 150 members – mainly Norwegian authors, but also editors, dramatists and critics working with the Crime friction.