To travel is to expose yourself to new sounds, smells and customs. To travel is to learn that the same problem can have several different solutions. In a time when xenophobic currents are getting stronger it’s more important than ever that we try to view the world from different perspectives. But travel needs to become more sustainable, wiser and better. Andersson looks at travel as a phenomenon. He hikes through mountains, walks through bazaars and slums, travels on a bus through India and hitch-hikes through Europe. All the while discovering that what is different and unknown sometimes feels tough, but soon something else replaces the insecurity. The book is a celebration of travel and wonderfully inspirational.

Sold over 60.000 copies in Germany and reached Spiegel Bestseller list #3 for over 40 weeks

Rights sold to: Finland (Metsä), Germany (C.H. Beck), Japan (Soshisha)

originally published by Ordfront förlag (Sweden) 2017

Rights available for: Worldwide

The Author

Per J Andersson is a writer and journalist, with a number of India and travel related books on his résumé. He is the co-founder and editor of Sweden's most well-known traveler's magazine, Vagabond. His book The Amazing Story of the Man Who cycled from India to Europe for Love was translated into 17 languages and became a best-seller. In Germany it was #2 on Der Spiegel’s best-seller list.

Suddenly legs begin to twitch because they want to wander off, and the heart fills up with a desperate longing for distant horizons. A dangerous reading experience for people with permanent residence – but so wonderful at the same time.

– Kenneth Gysing, FEMINA (on „To the Traveler, the World Is Beautiful“)

[Andersson] knows how to combine personal travel experiences with the history of travel. Instead of dreary diary entries with all too concrete tips Andersson has written a real textbook of travel. An explanatory book that depicts why people keep coming back to discovering new countries and cultures. And a self-discovery book peppered with philosophical wisdom.

– Christian Haas, abenteuer und reisen (on „To the Traveler, the World Is Beautiful“)