In Norway Lars Mytting’s new book hit the bestsellerlist directly. Critics are praising the story about Astrid’s son Jehans and his fate deeply connected to the Sister Bells.

«Mytting writes about people of flesh and blood; he combines the language, the psykology and the social in one artistic unit […] And obove all; he affects the reader with his huge register of feelings. I’m already looking forward to book no. three.» Stein Roll, Adresseavisensix of six points

«Storytelling at it’s best!» Arne Hugo Stølan,VG – five of six points

«Hekneveven» sold to Overlook/Abrams in the US, including rights for the next book.  Maclehose bought UK-rights, Alma Littera bought Lithuanian rights and in Germany we signed an agreement with Suhrkamp. In Sweden, Denmark, Poland and the Netherlands Lars Mytting’s publishers are also going to publish this wonderful sequel volume.

Rights sold to: Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, UK, France, USA, Croatia

477 pages,
Gyldendal 2020

Mytting is a brilliant storyteller with an effortless writing that resonates in the soul, in the reader and in the main characters of the book. This novel is worth to read and re-read!

– btj Sweden

This is historical fiction delivered in the best possible style, with [Deborah] Dawkin the essential quality of Mytting’s story beautifully.

– The AU review, Simon Clark about the English translation of HEKNEVEVEN