Sjöberg Butterfly Archipelago

So much more than a beautifully illustrated collection of short essays about butterflies! Sjöberg’s observations of nature open up to sensitive, poetical and humorous reflections on human life.
“According to my research, a total of 78 species of butterflies has been spotted in the Stockholm Archipelago. Richness can be measured in many ways. This is one of the best ones.”
In these essays, classical natural history is mixed with personal experiences and reflections about every single one of these species – accompanied by wonderful 18th century watercolors of the beloved Finnish painter Wilhelm von Wright. Famous entomologists and literary figures, such as August Strindberg and Sjöberg’s late friend Tomas Tranströmer, play their parts.

The Butterfly Archipelago entered the besteller lists directly and was met with wonderful reviews from the press:

“Who can resist the sight of a butterfly’s flight? Fredrik Sjöberg can’t –  in his mini essays he looks at the world through these flapping insects. Ingrid Elam reviews the book and is almost into a collector.” Svenska Dagbladet, 14 May 2021

“He could have written a dry account of all the butterfly species in the Stockholm archipelago. No, I actually I don’t think so, he couldn’t bear it. Instead, the reader gets to experience his personal encounter with the subject; his humility in the face of the complexity he encounters, his linguistic ingenuity and humor.” Smålandsposten, 8 May 2021

World rights available. Sold to Germany (Matthes & Seitz) and Norway (Cappelen Damm).

166 pages,
Bokförlaget Max Ström 2021