Prequel about detective officer Hrafn Grimsson

Police officer Hrafn dreams of a career as a detective. On being called to a suicide at a warehouse rented by the dead man, he finds a number of weird books about hypnotism annotated by a notorious anarchist called Aron. That night, a member of the Icelandic parliament is stabbed to death. While cordoning off the crime scene and gathering information, Hrafn realizes that the strange man he had noticed the previous evening in a pub could be the murderer.

With a little research and his good – in fact exceptional – powers of intuition, Hrafn soon has an idea of the circumstances. He believes that because of his dangerous political views, Aron will kill two further statesmen in the near future. Hrafn’s theory is that Aron has the potential murderer drugged by two members of his gang and then controls him through hypnosis.

Hrafn informs those in charge of the case of his theory but, as Aron is in prison at that time, he is not taken seriously. Following a second murder, however, Hrafn is asked to join the investigations. Using his intuition, he comes closer and closer to Aron, but his involvement then puts his new girlfriend in danger of death…


Crime novel, 373,
originally published by Forlagið bókabúð (Iceland) 2016

Rights available for: Worldwide

The Author

Stefán Máni was born and raised in a small fishing village in Iceland. He dropped out of school at seventeen and worked for twenty years in the fishing industry and as a construction worker. He began to write after becoming redundant. In 2006 The Ship became an international bestseller and was translated into nine languages.
He has published more than fifteen novels, all of which have the harsh, cold, loneliness of the Icelandic nature in common. The stories often take place in the grey area between good and evil and are full of suspense and adventure. Their connection with Icelandic sagas and folklore give his stories a feeling of magic realism, despite being firmly set in the real world.