Schuld währt ewig


“The investigator and the readers are kept in suspense until the dramatic end – a really thrilling and worth reading book.” –, Andreas Kurth


In a single second, Susanne’s life has been changed for every. A child has died, a never-ending nightmare for the young woman, and a relentless and fruitless pursuit of atonement. Suddenly two people are murdered who for years have been hiding a dark secret. Detective Dühnfort pursues the murderer who has taken justice into his own hands in a brutal and inhuman fashion. He seeks a most unmerciful revenge – an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

The author: Inge Löhnig studied graphic design and worked as an artdirector for various advertising agencies before opening her own design studio. The author won critical and popular acclaim with her crime novel series, she also writes thrillers for youths and short stories.


crime novel, 448,
Ullstein 2011