Schnurr mir das Lied vom Tod

Discover Christine Anlauff and her entertaining cozy mystery novels!


„Pacy, humorous and trenchant voice“–Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten

Chief investigator Liebermann is called to investigate a murder, but all he finds is a snowman. First when his colleague pokes it, they find out that a corpse is imbedded in it. Luckily, Liebermann has his cat Serrano to rely on and together they live a fast-paced adventure.

The author: Christine Anlauff, born in 1971 in Potsdam, is a trained bookseller. Her first novel “Good Morning, Lenitz” was published in 2005. She lives and works in Potsdam and is currently working on Serrano and Liebermann’s fourth case. She was awarded the first Cat Crime Prize for „Fool’s Gold“.


crime novel, 392,
Piper 2014