“An intelligent and entertaining analysis of our time” – Stern


“Micael Dahlén definitely knows how to enthuse. And so does the topic of his analysis Nextopia. A good read!” – dpa

How can the iPad be rated the best device ever, months before its release? How come Metallica’s album sell platinum on pre-orders only? Why do
Hollywood producers pre-announce movies years ahead of their actual premieres? The answer is our changing behaviors; a virtually global evolution that has occurred since the middle of the last century – starting out as a whisper and gradually rising in volume to a roar in the recent years. They are the trademarks of the society we live in today, and previews of how life, business and love will unfold in the future. They are the glimpses of the Expectation Society, of Nextopia.
Since the launch in Sweden, Nextopia has received extensive media attention, widely celebrating Micael Dahlén as a prominent author and a professor with a rock star look.
The book began and continues to unravel with his blog where Micael Dahlén finds common denominators among such divergent areas of research as evolutionary biology, social psychology, epidemiology, economics and management.

Nextopia has sold 30.000+ copies in Sweden, and rights have been sold to Norway, Germany, Korea, the Netherlands and Russia!

The author: At the age of 34 Micael Dahlén got a habilitation of economics and worked as Professor. He is an often booked speaker and has given keynote presentations in places like Istanbul, New York, Lisbon, Shanghai for clients such as Google, Ericsson, Samsung, Deloitte, Volkswagen, Fujitsu and Oriflame. Professor Dahlén has written books on diverse topics such as marketing, happiness, serial-killers (it’s true), sex and social media.


nonfiction, 246,
Volante Förlag 2008