“Nothing less than a literary highlight“ – Dagens Nyheter


“The masterful jettison of everything we thought we knew about Europe during the post-war years“ – Dagens Nyheter

Astrid Seeberger was the only child of a woman who fled East Prussia in the last days of WWII, lost all contact with her family and saw her best friend die in an air strike. The memories never left her. In „Next Year in Berlin“, an autobiographical novel, Astrid tells the story of her own childhood and at the same time recalls the childhood of her mother in East Prussia. It is a story of the fate of the millions of refugees who, marked by war, were often met with hostility by their countrymen in post-war Germany. It is also the story of a young German girl who does not want to bear the burden of her mother’s unhappiness and her country’s guilt.

In a review in Sweden’s most important daily, Seeberger’s novel is compared to Sebald’s recollection of German fates during the war, which were for a long time suppressed in the public debate.

The author: Astrid Seeberger, born in 1949, grew up in South Germany. At the age of 17 she moved to Sweden to escape the boundaries of her former life. She studied philosophy, theatre and film studies and medicine. Seeberger became a renowned doctor, an enthusiastic scientist and a popular lecturer. Writing has always been her passion; in 2010 her first book Den skamlösa nyfikenheten (Shameless Curiosity) was published by Svante Weyler Bokförlag (SE) and by Integral Verlag (2012) in Germany.


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Svante Weyler Förlag 2015