Bacoccoli Italian Sauna

When Tomas realizes that his father is losing his mind, he and his wife Elin decide to leave their urban life in Stockholm und settle on the run-down family vineyard outside Perugia, Italy, where his father grew up.

Struggling with everyday life in a country just known from holidays, with parts of the family denying the father’s illness and with Francesco himself in need of more help than Tomas was prepared to give, the memories of a childhood that wasn’t at all easy come back to life.

Taking care of his father who never cared much for other people’s needs, Tomas finds affection and joy and accepts a whole new life beyond predictable career choices and financial security. A moving journey, equally marked by despair, laughter, hard work and consolation.

Tomas Bacoccoli takes us on an emotional, entertaining and frankly quite amazing trip through the unusual life of his father and the unusual character of their relationship. He takes us from Italy to Sweden to London. From winning it all, to losing it all time and again. And from hardship and disappointment to the boundless love between a father and a son.

Hardcover, 327 pages,
Kaunitz-Olsson, Stockholm 2021

Rights available for: Worldwide

„It doesn’t happen often that I get hooked already on the first page, like I hear other people do, but it happened here. I read it in one sitting.
It’s moving, warm, vulnerable, difficult but also very funny and full of love.
Tomas leaves everything behind, apart from his family that has to adapt to a different country, a different language, and change everything they know, because Thomas’ father needs him.
It is beautifully written, don’t miss out on all that’s to be found between the lines…”

– Titti Schultz, Swedish Radio P4 Extra

„Tomas Bacoccoli is the guy’s name, who wrote this delightful book about his very special Italian father Francesco. Read it!!! Buy it. Give it away!“

– Amelia Adamo, Editor-in-chief at Amelia