Five of the world’s most famous murderers. Five monsters. And a professor who met them all.

“Crazy, but with divine inspiration” – tidningen kulturen


“Gracious” – magasinet fokus


“What makes it such a powerful read is its honesty” – kulturnyheterna


“Fascinating” – örnsköldsviks allehanda

Micael Dahlén’s new book “Monster” tells the horrifying stories of Charles Manson’s brutal slaughters that brought an end to the swinging sixties, Dorothea Puente’s bone-filled garden, Issei Sagawa’s cannibal feast in Paris, Wayne Lo’s violent school shooting and Peter Lundin who with his bare hands cracked his own mother’s neck. Dahlén has travelled over three continents to meet murders, Hollywood producers and academic colleagues. During his odyssey the author himself has transformed: from a person who has feelings of hatred and fascination for the murderers to a man who seems to admire them, a person who jumps of joy when Charles Manson asks for a phone call on his birthday. The five murderer stories differ from each other but they all have led to the same result: They’ve made anonymous persons into international superstars, attractive partners and people who are like a money-making industry. What if murdering someone is the easiest way to success? Is the death threat against Micael himself something perfectly normal? Why do we fill our lives with murderers and murder – in the most popular movies, the most read books, and in our own minds?

So far rights have been sold to Finland, the Netherlands and Germany.

The author: At the age of 34 Micael Dahlén got a habilitation of economics and worked as Professor. He is an often booked speaker and has given keynote presentations in places like Istanbul, New York, Lisbon, Shanghai for clients such as Google, Ericsson, Samsung, Deloitte, Volkswagen, Fujitsu and Oriflame. Professor Dahlén has written books on diverse topics such as marketing, happiness, serial-killers (it’s true), sex and social media.


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Volante Förlag 2011