Maxi and Helium are two small mice, living at Camilla’s home. How they got there – nobody knows. But they can talk and Camilla understands them. One day they discover a hole in the wall which leads them to another world – the animal kingdom. Soon they learn that they are princess and prince, and that their task is to safe this world from the evil Duvjägarna. Together with new friends they start their quest for the Golden Cheese, which was hidden by Musse and Helium’s parents.

Values such as self-esteem, helpfulness and understanding are included in this warmhearted, exciting and funny story.

Reader’s Voices
”Our whole family loves the adventures of Maxi & Helium! We have read the book four times in a row and right now we are at round number five. We have such a cosy time when reading together. Maxi & Helium rocks!!” – Nina Velasco

”These books are my children’s favourite. They are 7 and 9 years old and are all absorbed in the magical world of Maxi & Helium. During daytime they imitate funny quotes from the book and start laughing. Warmly recommended.” – Anna Höglund

Rights sold to: Denmark (People’sPress)

Children's book, 180,
originally published by B Wahlströms Bokförlag (Sweden) 2018

Rights available for: Worldwide

The Author

Camilla Brinck
has her background in the music
industry and in the beginning of
2000, she was one of Sweden’s
biggest pop artists. She is a music
producer, songwriter, DJ and
entrepreneur. And now even the
author of a series about two little