Micael Dahlén, the Rock-Star-Professor!

If you’ve always felt like a UFO; chances are pretty big high that you actually are one too. Perhaps that’s why it’s not that surprising that Marty is convinced he’s from Mars. In fact, he’s always believed he was from Mars, even if nothing but his own conviction suggests it. Maybe that’s why Marty isn’t that surpised when he comes home from work one day just to find a dead Russian mobster at his kitchen table, and with 7 million euros in his bank account? Maybe it’s just something that happens to people from Mars?
On Earth, there is only one place where Marty can find the answers to his questions; who am I, where am I from, and what’s a dead russian mobster doing sitting dead at my kitchen table? That place is Area 51, the mysterious American military base in Nevada. With seven million and a new identity as a murderer Marty sets out on a journey that will hopefully bring him home, home to Mars.
Follow his quest for answers – from a scooter chase through the Nevada desert via a luxury hotel in Las Vegas and an unexpected acquaintance with Lady Gaga; on a helicopter flight with whiskey as fuel to the Pacific – to a space conference in St.Petersburg. On the way he learns that he too belongs somewhere – maybe not directly on the ground, but somewhere.
Pure joy narrated from the very first page. A story about being different, about the feeling of belonging.
But also a story about the courage it takes to rely on another person – and perhaps above all, a story about that all martians might be human after all.

Translation rights of his books have been sold to U.S, Brazil, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland and Russia. His most famous books are Monster, Nextopia and Creativity (Un)limited – Thinking Inside the Box for Business Innovation.

The author: At the age of 34 Micael Dahlén got a habilitation of economics and worked as Professor. He is an often booked speaker and has given keynote presentations in places like Istanbul, New York, Lisbon, Shanghai for clients such as Google, Ericsson, Samsung, Deloitte, Volkswagen, Fujitsu and Oriflame. Professor Dahlén has written books on diverse topics such as marketing, happiness, serial-killers (it’s true), sex and social media.


novel, 438, hardcover
Volante Publishing 2014