For readers of Rachel Kushner’s »The Flamethrowers«

On a trip back home to mount an exhibition, Felice visits her mother and begins reflecting on her family’s past. Why was her mother so angry, so evasive and unpredictable? Do her late father’s cryptic journals reveal anything about her parents’ unhappy relationship?
After moving from the turbulent East Village of the 1980s to West Berlin in the shadow of the Iron Curtain, Felice hopes that all the miles and years between her childhood and present life will help her move beyond old pain. Felice finally succeeds in finding peace—but not until she uncovers family secrets more than half a century old.

With psychological depth, Andrea Scrima unravels a tightly woven story of powerful emotional ties and enduring trauma, blending dream and experience, reality and illusion to shed light on the blind spots in a young woman’s troubled past. Layer by layer, Andrea Scrima paints a poetic portrait that draws us into her protagonist’s heart and mind. “Like Lips, Like Skins” is a celebration not only of the powers of compassion and forgiveness, but—in an evocative prose rich in visual imagery—of art’s transformative force.

World rights and FULL ENGLISH TEXT available.


Hardcover, 300 pages,
Literaturverlag Droschl 2021