An Entertaining Hommage to an Everlasting Love for Cats

Unni Lindell’s crime novels are loved by readers all over the world. Unni loves cats. The cat Knut has had an especially important role in Unni’s life and for her wellbeing. This book is about their friendship. A story of life and death, the follishness of love and the relationship between humans and animals.

Knut wasn’t like the other cats. He was fussy, scared, peculiar and challenging. Maybe that was the reason why Unni loved him more than any of the cats she’d had. Unni was also forced to move several times because of him, or more precisely, because she was afraid that anything would happen to him.

The book begins when Unni and her family move into a new home not suitable for cats and they therefore have to leave Knut behind. But Knut disappears. Driven by her guilty conscience, Unni starts searching after him. This will subject her to situations, which she usually avoids, like being outside in the dark, roaming through a forest during an incoming storm, forcing cats to foreign homes and terrorizing unknowing citizens.

Narrated with humor, Unni writes self-ironic about her life, her family, her feelings – but most of all about the fascinating realm and nature of cats.

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250 pages
Aschehoug 2017

A pearl of declaration of love. Exciting as a thriller, full of humor and emotions.

– Pelsmann