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There’s always trouble when it comes to women: while his ex-lover Maja argues Serrano the cat into finding her clumsy daughter, Chief Investigator
Liebermann just can’t figure out how to please his girlfriend Nico. When the body of a drowned person appears and the pathologist turns out to be a problem case, Liebermann has absolutely no information. In the meantime, Serrano traces the bloody attacks of a scary shadow who ignores all rules and attacks the cats of the neighbourhood. Could the old babbler be behind the attacks? Serrano has to restore order in the neighbourhood. But in order to be successful, he has to work together with Liebermann.

crime novel, 438,
Aufbau Verlag 2011

The Author

Christine Anlauff, born in 1971 in Potsdam, is a trained bookseller. Her first novel “Good Morning, Lenitz” was published in 2005. She lives and works in Potsdam and is currently working on Serrano and Liebermann’s fourth case. She was awarded the first Cat Crime Prize for "Fool’s Gold".