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The cat Serrano is fighting with his girlfriend Aurelia – she wants children, he has just been castrated. The next day, she disappears as if swallowed by the earth. At the same time, Chief Investigator Hendrik Liebermann falls in love with a pretty stranger whose smile he recognizes on a missing person report: Charlotte Olbinghaus, journalist, has vanished without a trace. Liebermann and Serrano both sniff around every corner of their suspiciously friendly district. When a corpse turns up, it becomes clear that the only way Liebermann and Serrano can solve these cases is together.


Fool’s Gold was awarded the first Cat Crime Prize!


The author: Christine Anlauff, born in 1971 in Potsdam, is a trained bookseller. Her first novel “Good Morning, Lenitz” was published in 2005. She lives and works in Potsdam and is currently working on Serrano and Liebermann’s fourth case.


crime novel, 416,
Aufbau Verlag 2012