While celebrating mass, Daniel keeps an eye on his phone lying on the altar and scrolls through the pictures taken by a monitoring camera. When he sees a suspicious person leaving the place he is observing, he realises that he has to shorten the sermon to make it in time…

Daniel Vest is a former Danish Special Forces operative, now working as a priest. He runs an aid service on the side, Poseidonhelps.com, and helps people in word and deed. To help a woman abused by her former husband – the man that forced Daniel to shorten his sermon – turns out to be an easy task. To help the mother of 16 year old Mathilde who disappeared some weeks ago is however a highly risky action: the girl has travelled to Syria, to marry a Jihad fighter. Daniel decides to get her home.

Daniel has his personal reasons to go on this kamikaze mission as well. He definitely wants to save Mathilde, but he is also still struggling with his own guilt feelings because of the death of his own teenage daughter and his wife.

Daniel soon finds himself in one of the most dangerous places on earth, in the lion’s den, ISIS’ capital, behind enemy lines. With help of Syrian rebels he must stay hidden and yet bring back Mathilde to her distressed mother. But something is not what it seems, and the mission spins completely out of control and Daniel can trust no one. The story ends with Jens’ favourite trademark, a surprising twist, where the former husband will play a small but important roll.


Thriller, 280,
to be published by Byens Forlag (Denmark) 2018

Rights available for: Worldwide

The Author

Born 1970 on the Danish west coast, Jens worked as a column writer for various newspapers during school and college. He began working in finance and later as an Internet entrepreneur. Jens’ company was the first to accept credit card payments in Denmark; he also founded a digital advertising agency and a company that tracked children in amusement parks all over the world and skis in ski resorts.

In 2016 Jens could no longer resist the temptation and sent two novels to Byens, a small, creative Danish publisher, who accepted both for publishing. Jens has now decided to seriously focus on his writing and his studies in Nordic Language and Literature at Aarhus University to improve his skills.