In weißer Stille


“In Inge Löhnig’s writing, a masterful storytelling goes hand in hand with psychological suspense” –Süddeutsche Zeitung


On a stormy October evening, a retired pediatrician is found dead at his weekend home by a lake. Tied to a radiator, he died slowly and agonizingly of thirst. Was he killed for money, or for revenge? Detective Inspector Konstantin Dühnfort gradually uncovers the dead man’s dark secret, and discovers a drama that has haunted his children into their present-day, adult lives.

The author: Inge Löhnig studied graphic design and worked as an artdirector for various advertising agencies before opening her own design studio. The author won critical and popular acclaim with her crime novel series, she also writes thrillers for youths and short stories.


crime novel, 448,
Ullstein 2010