One sunny and beautiful morning the bodies of two people wash up at the beach of Mörkö, a remote Swedish island. They were shot from a distance – but why and from where? More people get killed and the one thing all victims have in common are their family roots on the island.

After a life threatening mission Detective Jessica Jackson is currently on leave and moved back to her childhood home on Mörkö. She is trying to find her inner peace, but to no avail. Her secret affair with the local priest Mikael is a dubious pleasure and her father Larry’s announcement to come back from the USA bodes nothing good either – has he messed up his life there as well? Will he accept that she changed his gallery into a microbrewery?

The more Jessica gets involved in the investigation, the better she understands that both Mikael and her father had a connection to the victims – and that she may be the next target for the brutal murderer…

“With this second part of the series, Karlsson establishes Mörkö as the perfect setting for crime novels and confirms again that the Mörkö-series absolutely is worth reading.” – Smålandsposten

“An incredibly nerve-wracking crime novel that puts Västervik and eastern Småland on the Swedish Crime map.” – Johannas Deckarhörna

Crime/Thriller, 300,
originally published by Lind & Co. (Sweden) 2019

Rights available for: Worldwide

The Author

After working for a boat and a hunting magazine
Samuel Karlsson now lives in Stockholm with his
family and writes for a construction magazine.
Born and raised in Småland, in the South of
Sweden, his stories are strongly influenced
by the region’s legacy, filled with odd characters
and stunning descriptions of the setting and
atmosphere in a distinctive Nordic noir style.