God natt Oktober


„Already in his first work, Wigers shows that he is capable of a confidant and adaptable language…this book’s childhood depiction is reminiscent of Stig Dagerman.“ –Uppsala Nya tidning


„Impressive… an ingeniously disposed narration.“ –Göteborgsposten

As a young man, the protagonist tries to find answers to the questions that are haunting him since his childhood. On his journey to the past, he visits his relatives and friends of his parents in order to find out what caused the accident in which his parents died. The young man finally wants to know why not even his grandmother, who took care of him after the deadly accident, told him about the socialist beliefs of his parents.

A wonderful coming of age novel about the question of origin and belonging, about parents with secrets and the post-Palme-era in Sweden.


Film Rights sold to Fundament Film! (Johan Theorin)

The author: Valle Wigers was born in 1976 and grew up in Gothenburg. Wigers lived in Berlin for a long time and therefore published a travel guide about the capital of Germany. He currently works at the German Embassy in Stockholm.


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X Publishing Förlag 2013