For readers of Jens Lapidus and Raymond Chandler

Under a false name, Tom Grip is underground once again. In Amsterdam, he makes a living off the city’s valuable art collections, but an unexpected revelation puts both him and Veronica in grave danger. When Tom gets the opportunity to make a quick escape, he takes it ‒ even though the assignment requires him to return to his hometown of Stockholm for the first time in ten years, and even though Veronica is still at risk.
In Stockholm, the new Nationalmuseum has been opened with much pomp and circumstance when Anders Zorn’s Midsummer Dance is stolen. When the authorities find out that the notorious art thief Tom Grip is in town, he falls under immediate suspicion. To avoid imprisonment, Tom Grip must find out who is really responsible. The police and Grip’s long-time enemies make it hard enough. But when Eternity ‒ a group of Christian fanatics that everyone thought had disappeared ‒ turns out to be working against him, it becomes almost impossible to prove his innocence. And the silver lighter left for Tom Grip at the Grand Hotel suggests that the person who is out for retribution is in fact Jonathan Frost.

„Frost Night“ is the second book in Philip Birk’s action-packed series about Tom Grip. In 2018, Birk made his debut as a crime novelist with the acclaimed „Cut-Off Point„.




Crime/Thriller, 280,
originally published by Historiska Media (Sweden) 2019

Rights available for: Worldwide

The Author

Philip Birk is 25 years old and lives in Varberg, Sweden.
He has been writing books for as long as he
can remember. He started writing the Tom
Grip books because he thought his friends
should read more, instead of watching
Netflix and playing computer games. Philip
Birk finds inspiration for his books in action-
packed TV series and movies.

A riveting story told in an exhilarating style.

– Mittmedia

Philip Birk writes an exciting blend between art-crime and a classical honest up-tempo crime novel.

– Dagens Nyheter