by Lennart P. Ramberg


“A thriller in the best Dan Brown-style, where the discovery of gravitational waves form the background to the terrible intrigue with fragrant scientific fraud, corruption, mysterious characters, sexual assault, extortion, brutal murders, and other odds and ends.“ –Ny Teknik


”L.P. Ramberg has a wonderful language, his prosa is easy and beautiful, his style economical and stringent.” –Borås Tidning

Takeo Ohashi is found dead at the bottom of the Leaning tower of Pisa and rumors start to spread concerning the notable physicists mysterious death. Some people say that he jumped after failing with his research, the one he was going to present at the conference in Italy. Research that was going to change history.

Anneli Vinka, physicist, has under dramatic circumstances quit her job at the institution. Shortly after, she recieves an unexpected phonecall. Her former boss, professor Ulf Mossander, asks her to go to Pisa to investigate the mysterious death of Takeo Ohashi, one of the candidates for the Nobel Prize. The members of the Academy want to know what happened and the rumors are making them nervous. What they do not know is that Anneli has personal reasons to find out the truth. She’s just lost the man she loves and with whom she had planned her whole future. No one can stop her from finding the truth – no one!

L.P. Ramberg guides us through the conference rooms of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, to the Leaning tower of Pisa and all the way to a science lab in the japanese outback. The fact that the character Takeo Ohashi is working on finding gravitational waves, which has just recently been discovered by scientists – the echo of Big Bang, shows Rambergs great knowledge of the field and the books topicality.

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The author: L.P. Ramberg was born in Karlstad, Sweden in 1960. He has studied theoretic physics at the Imperial Collage in London and became a doctor in industrial physics at age 27. In 1997 he started the technology corporation Altitun, which later was sold to an American telecom company. Today, L.P. is, besides a writer, also an entrepreneur, hotel owner and a passionate skier, sailer and hunter.


crime novel, 420,
Kabusa Förlag 2014