Eine Tüte grüner Wind

The Greenest Wind tells a touching, gently humorous story that explores themes of friendship, family, creativity – and the importance of aunts. A perennial seller in its native Germany, the novel has already been translated into Swedish, Dutch, and English.

Readers reactions:

“An original story which encourages children to cope with life resourcefully.”–from a review of the Dutch edition

„Captivating!“–Monika Mathiszik, Director, Youth Center Essen-Werden

Lucy is anything but happy when her mother tells her that she can’t come with her to California and that she has to spend her holidays in Ireland with her aunt Paula. Lucy knows exactly what that means: five long weeks with nothing but rain and a women she doesn’t even know yet and who is said to be a little crazy…. But, as it often happens in life, things turn out differently than anticipated: Lucy is surprised of what a beautiful country Ireland is and has to admit that her aunt isn’t that crazy after all. At the end of the novel, the young girl has not only had the best vacation in her life, but also learned a lesson for life: Never judge people you don’t even know yet!

Recommendation for teachers:  In the publisher’s material for teachers recommended as an captivating novel. With humour and empathy the author describes how Lucy’s emotional world undergoes subtle changes as she feels more and more at home at her aunt’s place in Ireland, leaving behind a knitted patchwork throw inspired by the shapes and colours of the west Cork landscape.

150.000 copies sold!

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The Author

Gesine Schulz was born in Northern Germany. Because she liked books and wanted to see the world, she became a librarian and worked abroad for more than ten years, mostly in Ireland and New York.
Now a full-time writer, she makes her home in Germany's Ruhr Valley with her two cats, one Irish and one German, and a lot of books. She has published a number of novels, many short crime stories, and a detective series for children.
Gesine loves visiting West Cork, the setting of THE GREENEST WIND.
Find out more about Gesine and her books at www.gesineschulz.com