Moritz, Raffael and Johanna are best friends. But their friendship is toxic and soon reaches a breaking point. Sixteen years later they meet again and get caught in the old web of love, jealousy and dependency – there is no way back, they have to tell each other the truth…

Moritz and Raffael are complete opposites: Raffael is confident with a disarming smile and piercingly blue eyes. Moritz is gentle, he tends to hold back – a mere boomerang in Raffael’s hands. Their friendship goes back to their childhood and even then Raffael always took the lead. Since Moritz and his mother Marie have only recently moved to the secluded village in the mountains, Marie should probably be glad that her son has made a friend but she senses the destructive force that lurks behind Raffael’s steely blue eyes. Then a girl enters the picture. Her name is Johanna, she is the ›new one‹ at school. Moritz is fascinated by this girl who is so unlike all the others. Johanna ends up stretching the emotional cord that binds the two boys to each other, she turns it into a triangle whose sharp edges will end up wounding everyone involved. The friendship falls apart. Sixteen years later, out of nowhere, Raffael shows up on Moritz’s doorstep. Immediately the past renews its grip on him and he is ready to jeopardize everything he’s built for himself. On top of it all, Johanna also returns and the fatal triangle is once again complete. The moment of truth has finally arrived: For the very last time, they will tear open these old wounds together.

Mareike Fallwickl’s literary debut is gripping and addictive: She tells the tale of a friendship filled with light and darkness, courage and weakness, longing and despair, betrayal and forgiveness. »Dark green, almost black« brings out all facets of friendship – its passion, its gentleness and love in all its healing yet also blindingly cruel glory.

novel, 480,
originally published by Frankfurter Verlagsanstalt (Germany) 2018

Rights available for: Scandinavia

The Author

Was born in Hallein near Salzburg in 1983, is working as a freelance writer and editor, and has a weekly column in an Austrian newspaper. Since 2009, she hosts the literary blog. For her literary debut »Dark Green Almost Black« (FVA 2018), she has been offered a scholarship from The Federal Chancellery Austria. Mareike Fallwickl is living in Salzburg.