“If I would have the cure, the iron crown, the lost treasure of the Fredegesius brothers, ever again, then I would maybe understand my own bizarre situation a little better.”

The author of this tale, Doctor Weiss, is a time traveller and he resorts to a risky hunt after an iron crown, the long lost intelligence amplifier of the Fredegesius brothers. The search leads him into untouched landscapes of an isolated future; into life threatening enchanted forests and into unbelievable museums of an era post humanity; in preindustrial shipyards; to Potsdam near end of the 19th century as well as England in the 1950s. By the time he finally finds the crown, he has to face the decision, whether for one moment of epiphany he wants to bare the accompanying fatal costs – again.

This book can be read as a colourful and exiting SciFi-story, but also as a type of Coda, as a singular, feverish, divine moment; a type of echo chamber, in the memories of Lars Gustafsson complete authorship to clash one last time and to grapple with each other.

Lars Gustafsson died during the completion of this novel. It was edited by Madeleine, Lars’ first wife and by his eldest son Joen Gustafsson.

Rights sold to: Germany (Wallstein Verlag)

fiction, 150,
originally published by Norstedts förlag (Sweden) 2019

Rights available for: Worldwide

The Author

Lars Gustafsson
(1936-2016) lyricist, philosopher and novelist
was born in Västerås, in the midst of Sweden.
He studied mathematics and philosophy in
Uppsala and Oxford, and studied upon other
in the US. Since his DAAD-scholarship in 1972
he kept a strong bond to European intellectuals
and influenced many of today’s authors and
thinkers. His books have received many awards,
one of them the Nordic Prize of the Swedish
Academy in 2014.

Lars Gustafsson has an uncompromising vision of the utter complexity of modern life… He loves to play with possibilities and solutions in a manner that is refreshingly affirmative.

– Eric O. Johannensson, The New York Times Book Review