to be published 2015 by Albert Bonniers, Sweden and 2016 by Carl Hanser Verlag, Germany

“I am a winner”
The opening sentence of Dr. Kurth F. Wasser’s memoir is, perhaps, a summary of his life. There is no doubt that these are the notes of a gambler’s life. The former physician, once a leading expert of sleep disturbances, is looking back on his career as a highly acclaimed medical authority, a member of the government’s council on medicine, and a respected humanitarian personality. Having been admitted into his life by way of his autobiographical notes, however, we find that his entire life has been a high-risk adventure on a tightrope walk of deceit, skillful make-believe, and a remarkable talent for seduction. The Dr. Kurth Wasser who obtained his medical credentials from a university in East Germany in the 1960s has not existed for many years. The author of the memoir is someone else entirely, who managed to steal and occupy the papers of his alter ego and his life ater a trafic accident in the 1960s.
Lars Gustafsson’s new novel is a study of art, love, identity, and deceit. It occupies place on the literary landscape somewhere between Anthony Trollope and Franz Kafka. It is a journey through the thematic universe of the author’s earlier novels.

The author: Lars Gustafsson was born in 1936 in Central Sweden. Today the poet, philosopher and novelist lives back in Sweden again, after working in Austin, Texas for many years. His last publications at the Hanser Verlag are „The Man on the Blue Bicycle„, 2013, and „Smile of the Midsummer Night„, 2013, which he wrote together with his wife, Agneta Blomqvist.


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Albert Bonnier Förlag