The story of Spotify is widely known – two Swedish entrepreneurs started out in an apartment with a dream: they would revolutionize a music industry that had seen their earnings go down. And the rest is a story of success and Spotify is now the world largest streaming service for music. And its founders have been praised for „saving“ the music industry from piracy.

But the company’s own story is one thing – A Swedish Unicorn: The Story of Spotify tells the real story. The book reveals that the founders basically just wanted to use the P2P-technology of file sharing to distribute „anything“ in order to sell ads. The idea of a music service with paying subscribers was something that came later, mostly by accident. Mp3-files were easier to distribute then, say, movies. Starting out, Spotify streamed illegally downloaded files to their users. Pretty far from wanting to „save“ the industry …

But this is just one example, the book also reveals a lot on how the company’s constant need for venture capital has made it very vulnerable for the investors wishes on what direction the company should take.

non-fiction, 150,
originally published by Mondial Förlag (Sweden) 2018

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The Author

Pelle Snickars is a Professor in Media- and Communication-Science at the University in Umeå. His main interest is new media.

Rasmus Fleischer is a Swedish historian, essayist and musician. He now works at the University of Stockholm. He earned his Ph.D. with a dissertation about the political economy of music.

Together they researched the story of Spotify by order of the Swedish government. Both are fluent in English and German.

»The Book that reveals everything«

– Veckans Affärer