A powerful reflection on the importance of train travel and a mesmerizing love letter to trains

In times of climate change and shifting global powers, traveling by train can offer not only a green alternative but also fascinating way of exploring the distance between two places and the people you meet on the way…

In this book Per J Andersson makes us his travel companions on enthralling train rides throughout the world. We embark on classic train journeys through the gruff North of England and on Indian railroads, on exhausting long-haul train rides through America and even on a trip on the infamous Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul.

While we watch the world roll past us through the windows, Andersson tells us all about what we see and about everything else hidden from our view: from stories and meanings behind train stations to the multi-layered history of train travel itself, its value in different times and places, how humans experience and use trains and what impact the railway will have in the future. As trains represent participation, social responsibility and environmental awareness, everyone who believes in a future for the railway also believes in the value of caring for future generations.

Per J. Andersson has written an exciting and informative book that will make every train ride an astonishing experience.

Rights sold to: Germany (C.H. Beck), Italy (Utet)


to be published by Ordfront förlag (Sweden) 2019

Rights available for: Worldwide

The Author

Per J. Andersson is a writer and journalist, with a number of India and travel related books on his résumé. He is the co-founder and editor of Sweden's most well-known traveler's magazine, "Vagabond". His book "The Amazing Story of the Man Who cycled from India to Europe for Love" was translated into 17 languages and became a best-seller and was for a long. In Germany it was #2 on Der Spiegel’s best-seller list.

Suddenly legs begin to twitch because they want to wander off, and the heart fills up with a desperate longing for distant horizons. A dangerous reading experience for people with permanent residence – but so wonderful at the same time.

– Kenneth Gysing, FEMINA (on „To the Traveler, the World Is Beautiful“)

[Andersson] knows how to combine personal travel experiences with the history of travel. Instead of dreary diary entries with all too concrete tips Andersson has written a real textbook of travel. An explanatory book that depicts why people keep coming back to discovering new countries and cultures. And a self-discovery book peppered with philosophical wisdom.

– Christian Haas, abenteuer und reisen (on „To the Traveler, the World Is Beautiful“)