Martin Engberg is showered with compliments by the Scandinavian press for his new novel AN OUTSTANDING CAREER. Engberg has appeared on Finnish TV, the novel has been on Dagens Nyheter’s list of bestselling books for several weeks now and it has been receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews. Here are just some examples:

 »An author who really has the capacity to create a new Swedish novel that dares to risk everything.« – Helsingsborg Dagblad


 »Martin Engberg writes about the sides of ourselves that we would rather keep a secret, like our longing for acknowledgment and to be told so. He skilfully portrays how it is to sway between feelings of superiority and to be constantly misunderstood. A smart book about class, culture and the fragile self.« – Damemas värld


 »The nation’s failed geeks eagerly absorb the smell of old professors and disgrace that rests heavily on Martin Engberg’s loveable gem, and they chuckle huskily at square jokes that were covered in dust for a while.« – M-magasin


 »This novel is funny and witty. It strikingly depicts the mess blind devotion and furious tur wars result in, that seem to have influence on a fraction of male relationships.« – Malin Ullgren, Dagens Nyheter