„Lars Mytting is a gift“

Congratulations to our author Lars Mytting for winning the renowned Swedish Acadamy’s Dobloug Prize! He was awarded for his authorship, with THE BELL IN THE LAKE (Søsterklokkene) and THE HEKNE TAPESTRY (Hekneveven) culminating his creative period so far.

The jury points out the detailed and profound historical knowledge that brings his stories about  Norway in in the 19th and 20th century to life.

Overall, „Lars Mytting is a gift for the people’s literature and language“.

The Dobloug Prize was founded in 1938 on the basis of a testamentary gift from the Norwegian businessman Birger Dobloug to the Swedish Academy, which established a fund in his name. The Norwegian Dobloug Committee works on behalf of the Swedish Academy, which approves the committee’s proposals for prize recipients. The Dobloug Prize is each year awarded two Norwegian and two Swedish authors..

Photo: Svein Finneide

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