Great news from Norway

In its first week since the Norwegian release date of Agnes Lovise Matre’s »Skinnet bedrar«, the Crime novel has already reached No. 7 on the ARK-Bestseller list!

Ingvar Ambjørnsen of the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet says:

»›Skinnet bedrar‹ / ›Appearances are deceptive‹ is a Crime novel for those who are bored by foolish hyperboles and banal catchwords […] What is offered instead is a description of Norwegian and human nature in all its kinds, in a sensitive, often poetic language. […] Matre is inventing a story that could possibly happen every day. That makes it a very sensitive and tender book […] As the first book of a planned series this is a very solid ground to build on.«


Agnes Lovise Matre