Bacoccoli Italian Sauna

We’re happy to announce a new Hot Title: MY ITALIAN SAUNA by Tomas Bacoccoli!
Enthusiastic reactions from readers and the press are continuously reaching the author and the Swedish publisher Kaunitz-Olsson.

We’re excited to offer this breathtaking, moving and funny story of the love between father and son and of leaving secure urban life in Sweden for a run-down vineyard in Italy to many publishers worldwide.

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Haratischwili NO

We’re happy to see Nino Haratischwili’s epic and wonderful novel THE EIGHTH LIFE being so well received by Norwegian readers and the press.
The award-winning, international besteller was published in Norwegian in April and is now turning out to be the talk of the town this summer.
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«Who needs a sweeping epic about the red century? You do« The New York Times

Kaunitz-Olsson collage

We’re excited to announce a cooperation with Stockholm-based publishing house Kaunitz-Olsson! agentur literatur Gudrun Hebel is very much looking forward to represent their books outside of Sweden. Hot Titles to be announced soon!

Kaunitz-Olsson was founded in 2019 by Martin Kaunitz and Thomas Olsson. Publications consist of high quality, relevant and critical literature: novels, art books, comics and non-fiction.

Trude Teige SE

Great news for Swedish readers: Bazar förlag’s Swedish edition of Trude Teige’s gripping and epic story of three grenerations of strong women dealing wiht a dark secret from the past is now available!

Meanwhile, the rights for translation into Danish have been sold to Alpha Forlag and Arabic to Dar Al-Muna, Turkish rights to ketebe and the German rights have been pre-empted by S. Fischer Verlag as previously announced .
Worldwide rights available, for information see Hot Titles.

We’re happy and proud to share the news that Lars Gustafsson’s wonderful DEATH OF A BEEKEEPER („En biodlares död“) is now available for readers in China. First published in Sweden in 1978, the short novel has become an international classic, exploring philosophical reflections on unconsciousness, human existence, loneliness, love, memories, fear, God, the universe and most of all: hope.

„0ne of the most intriguing books you can read in this day and age“ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Published in China in January 2021 at Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House.

Rights to book 2 and 3 of Lars Mytting’s epic story of a family, their local community and a whole country on their way into modern times sold to Overlook/Abrams in the US!

In Norway the book hit the bestsellerlist directly after publishing. Critics are praising the story about Astrid’s son Jehans and his fate deeply connected to The Sister Bells and this second book is already now a great success. With a third book on the way, international interest is now quickly growing.
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Trude Teige Mormor danset i regnet

We’re delighted to announce that S. Fischer Verlag has pre-empted the German rights to Trude Teige’s gripping and epic story of three generations of strong women dealing with a dark secrect from the past.

„We are very impressed by MORMOR DANSET I REGNET. What got us particularly excited is the setting of three generations […] and the reading experience thanks to the sensitive language and complex characters. We see this novel as special upmarket fiction title with a unique sound; a book combining facts and family history based on a touching and rarely told historical background.“ Susanne Halbleib, Acqu. Editor Fiction + Cordelia Borchardt, Editor-in-Chief General Fiction

Great international interest, worldwide rights available, for more information see Hot Titles.

Marquis Nicolas de Condorcet (1743-1794) is one of the fathers of modern democracy. Writing his intellectual testament while hiding from the security police during the French Revolution, Condorcet outlined an optimistic vision of humanity liberated from the yoke of ignorance and political and religious oppression.

In our time universal suffrage is the norm across the globe, and basic education is considered a human right and the global economy continues to grow. Yet political freedom is declining. Religious fundamentalism is on the rise, and anti-liberal parties have gained momentum in both new and old democracies.

So what became of Condorcet’s vision? Per Molander’s latest work shows that Enlightenment values such as rationality, democracy and freedom are as brittle as equality. „The natural regime in the province of human beings is neither rational nor democratic.“ The development and defence of the modern regime requires an institution with the capacity of carrying out these tasks – a strong state.

A strong state is needed to defend democracy, rationality and equality – period.

“Why are all societies unequal–and can you do something about it? Per Molander scrutinizes the issue with astonishing erudition … brilliant and relevant.” Dagens Nyheter