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The success story of Lars Mytting’s bestselling trilogy of THE SISTER BELLS continues: Part 2 has been on the besteller list in Norway since publication and is now out in Denmark.

Thanks and congratulations for your great edition, Cicero/Gyldendal!

See Hot Titles for more information about this epic tale of a Norwegian family and their fate over generations.
The series is so far being published in 16 languages – don’t hesitate to contact us about rights!

Hanika to NL

Dutch translation rights for Susanne Hanikas successful cozy crime series sold to De Fontein!

Sofia inherits a place on the idyllic Bavarian camping lot at Hirschgrund. Escaping a cheating husband and the stressful life in the city, she soon finds that all is not peace and quiet in this picturesque scenery of lush nature and crispy clear air…

A charming and enterntaining read with the right mix of excitement and humour!
Further rights available.

We are just thrilled to be travelling to a real life literary event in Scandinavia after a looong break!
Stockholms Bokhelg is a free literature festival, combining many interesting events all over Stockholm August 26-29.

If you’re around, come by to (re)connect and join bestselling author Fredrik Sjöberg and agent Gudrun Hebel in their talk about nature writing as a literary trend and the cooperation of authors and international agents at the Goethe-Institut Stockholm, Aug 28th 2021 at 3 pm!


Lorenz Lovis 1 & 2

Der „Südtiroler Columbo“ (Martin Kubin, ORF), Privatdetektiv und Bauer wider Willen in Brixen, kommt nicht zur Ruhe!
Ein dritter Fall erscheint im Frühjahr 2022 bei Servus (Benevento), und schon jetzt können sich alle Fans darüber freuen, dass Autorin Heidi Troi und der Verlag nun auch einen Vertrag für den vierten Brixen-Krimi abgeschlossen haben. Wir sind gespannt!


The wait for highly acclaimed author Andrea Scrima’s new novel is almost over…

To be published at Literaturverlag Droschl on August 27: KREISLÄUFE (English title: LIKE LIPS, LIKE SKINS).

A tightly woven story of powerful emotional ties and enduring trauma, unraveled by Andrea Scrima with psychological depth and by blending dream and experience, reality and illusion to shed light on the blind spots in a young woman’s troubled past.

World rights available.


Bestselling author Trude Teige (»Grandmother Danced in the Rain« – German, Danish, Swedish, Turkish & Arabic rights sold) is now out with another epic novel about love and survival, taking us from Norway to Java and Japan: GRANDFATHER BREATHED WITH THE SEA.
It’s the gripping story of Konrad and Sigrid, and of a rather unknown part of Norwegian history during the second world war.

World rights available.

Bacoccoli Italian Sauna

We’re happy to announce a new Hot Title: MY ITALIAN SAUNA by Tomas Bacoccoli!
Enthusiastic reactions from readers and the press are continuously reaching the author and the Swedish publisher Kaunitz-Olsson.

We’re excited to offer this breathtaking, moving and funny story of the love between father and son and of leaving secure urban life in Sweden for a run-down vineyard in Italy to many publishers worldwide.

Don’t hesitate to be in touch!


Haratischwili NO

We’re happy to see Nino Haratischwili’s epic and wonderful novel THE EIGHTH LIFE being so well received by Norwegian readers and the press.
The award-winning, international besteller was published in Norwegian in April and is now turning out to be the talk of the town this summer.
Contact us for Scandinavian and Baltic rights, see more under Hot Titles.

«Who needs a sweeping epic about the red century? You do« The New York Times