Two beautiful editions of Lars Mytting’s books arrived in the agency: The Polish translation of SØSTERKLOKKENE and the Czech translation of SVØM MED DEM SOM DRUKNER.

Furthermore, on the 3rd of March, the English translation of HEKNEVEVEN (THE REINDEER HUNTERS) will be published in Great Britain. The Swedish edition of HEKNEVEVEN won’t be published before may, but the Swedish Library Agency Btj already has a lot of praise for the book and it’s author:

“Mytting is a brilliant storyteller with an effortless writing that resonates in the soul, in the reader and in the main characters of the book. This novel is worth to read and re-read!”

We are excited to represent the Swedish crime writer Malin Thunberg Schunke worldwide!

The associate professor of criminal law is able to deliver a „hair-raising plot … with a high sense of urgency“ (Aftonbladet) and „suspense at the highest level“ (Femina). Her debut novel ETT HÖGRE SYFTE (A HIGHER PURPOSE) awarded „Best Debut Novel of the Year 2019“ by The Swedish Crime Academy. Her debut also marked the beginning of a series of independent titles about the prosecutors Esther Edh and Fabia Moretti, which has so far sold over 50,000 copies in Sweden.

Malin Thunberg Schunke’s most recent title BLIND VREDE (BLIND FURY, May 2022) is a dramatic and multi-faceted thriller about the explosive anger hidden just below the surface of society: A series of horrifically violent crimes connected to protest marches and demonstrations spread fear among the public and concern among the police. A certain symbol starts appearing at crime scenes all over Europe, suggesting that an international group of radical activists might be at work … At Eurojust, the EU Agency for Criminal Justice in The Hague, an investigation team is appointed with Swedish prosecutor Esther Edh at the helm. The tracks soon lead to an animal rights organisation and a run-down country estate in southern Sweden, as well as to right-wing extremists in Germany and Denmark. As the international team of specialists is starting to connect the dots, a breathless battle against the clock begins in order to prevent more acts of violence.

More information about BLIND FURY

No other female Norwegian crime writer is as successful as Unni Lindell. 7 million books sold, two-time winner of the renowned Riverton-Price for the best crime novel, translations into several languages – since over thirty years, Unni Lindell has been one of the most important writers in Norway. Her crime series about the inspector Cato Isaksen was translated into ten languages and is an all-time-classic in Norway. It was even made into a TV-series. In addition to her famous crime novels, Unni Lindell writes also books for children and young adults, novels and thrillers. No matter what genre, distinctive is her vivid and creative language.

Unni Lindell herself says:  her best book hasn’t been written yet! We are glad to represent Norway’s queen of crime globally and excited to see what projects are coming next. In case you got a little curious, too, check out her Instagram-profile (@unni_lindell)!

xmas agents

„The rooms were very still while the pages were softly turned and the winter sunshine crept in

to touch the bright heads and serious faces with a Christmas greeting.“ –Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

From all of us to all of you, thank you for a remarkable 2021, and our best wishes for the year to come! Stay healthy!

Warm greetings from

Gudrun, Günther, Viktor and Margot

The Agency will be closed for Christmas from 20 December – 7 January 

Teige Exciting times

We are thrilled (quite literally!) by Norwegian success author Trude Teige! In addition to the four already published crime novels about journalist Kajsa Coren, Aufbau Verlag (Germany) has bought two more titles to continue the series.

AND now airing on Discovery+ Norway: the brand new series based on the book PÅ ÅSTEDET by Trude Teige and forensic expert Eva B. Ragde. Exciting times!

New deals

We’re delighted about the very positive feedback to our rights catalogue and fall titles this year!
And of course we’re equally delighted to announce the first deals of the season:
Karla Letterman’s HÄKEL-HENRI sold to dtv!
Maria Frensborg’s GRACE sold to Arche (Switzerland/Germany) and Stortebeeker (NL)!
Several of Piper’s wonderful titles about strong women sold to Bazar (FIN) and Gutkind (Dk)!

Hekneveven_ Dansk cover_Skaebnens-bla-trade

The success story of Lars Mytting’s bestselling trilogy of THE SISTER BELLS continues: Part 2 has been on the besteller list in Norway since publication and is now out in Denmark.

Thanks and congratulations for your great edition, Cicero/Gyldendal!

See Hot Titles for more information about this epic tale of a Norwegian family and their fate over generations.
The series is so far being published in 16 languages – don’t hesitate to contact us about rights!

Hanika to NL

Dutch translation rights for Susanne Hanikas successful cozy crime series sold to De Fontein!

Sofia inherits a place on the idyllic Bavarian camping lot at Hirschgrund. Escaping a cheating husband and the stressful life in the city, she soon finds that all is not peace and quiet in this picturesque scenery of lush nature and crispy clear air…

A charming and enterntaining read with the right mix of excitement and humour!
Further rights available.