Röda pojken_cover

-What do we do with the Saab? the voice asks on the phone.

The 80s. A grown-up feels threatened by the school kids‘ games and interferes violently.

Thirty years later, Sven gets a call about the car he once owned and which has not been used in many years. A mechanic wants to buy it for spare parts. This revives memories that Sven had hoped not think of ever again.

For his son, the old car becomes a way to approach something that has marked his whole life – an accident that now seems so distant that it’s getting hard to imagine it ever happened. But not everybody has forgotten about it. On the contrary, some people live with the memory of it every single day. Now they’re being brought back up to the surface. The red haired Jansson kids, the guys with their mopeds and Majliss who needs to hurry to put things right before she forgets.

It’s all about what you make of your life, who you are and where you come from. It’s about a small town in the middle of Sweden and the surrounding country side, being their own little universe. And in many ways it’s about the red boy.

Swedish original title: Den röda pojken
World rights available.

Novel, 324 pages,
Norstedts 2021