Butangen, Norway in 1903: twenty-two years have passed since Astrid Hekne died giving birth to her twin sons. Kai Schweigaard is still haunted by his past betrayal, which led to death and the separation of the village’s two powerful church bells. The bells were cast in memory of two sisters in Astrid’s ancestry and Kai becomes obsessed with finding an ancient tapestry the sisters created, in the hope that it will show how he can remedy his mistakes.

Jehans, the surviving first born son of Astrid and Gerhard, was brought back to Butangen by Kai Schweigaard but lives outcast by the Hekne family on a small farm. He prefers his life hunting and fishing in the vast mountain ranges surrounding the area, but he soon finds himself drawn to a young milkmaid, Kristine and to a more settled life. When Jehans encounters a mysterious young man hunting in the mountains, his life is set on a new course, away from his home and Kristine.

Kai Schweigaard begins to suspect how the church bells can be brought back together, but is staggered to discover what Astrid Hekne’s last wish had been and how powerful the Hekne family’s bond really is.

Rights sold to: Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, UK, France, USA, Croatia

novel, 480 Seiten,
Gyldendal Norway 2020

Mytting is a brilliant storyteller with an effortless writing that resonates in the soul, in the reader and in the main characters of the book. This novel is worth to read and re-read!

– btj Sweden

This is historical fiction delivered in the best possible style, with [Deborah] Dawkin the essential quality of Mytting’s story beautifully.

– The AU review, Simon Clark about the English translation of HEKNEVEVEN