It’s no harder to talk to animals than it is to talk to people. That is, impossible in both cases.

Aase grew up in the company of animals and pets, and even if she sometimes got injured, she always loved them to be around. Decades later, when her dog Spöket (the Ghost) died, Aase decides that watching animals on the beautiful island in the Stockholm archipelago, where she lives, suffice. After a while, she has to admit that she is missing a pet. But does the human genus has the right to domesticize animals? What kind of relationship do we have to nature, towards animals? In her precise, tenderly raw, and dazzlingly beautiful prose she explores the human genus‘ unhappy love for animals, the fragile and treacherous power relationship that occurs when taking on a pet, and the extraterrestrial sense of interaction that can arise in a forced association with animals. But is that sentiment true? Don’t we deceive ourselves when we think we understand the animals?

As so often in Aase Berg’s texts, in SPÖKET there are several layers that the reader discovers little by little. She turns our eyes to the animal world but actually, we see ourselves.


narrative non-fiction, 240 Seiten,
Kaunitz-Olsson, Sweden 2022