“A dash of Lars Norén, a dose of Moa Martinson and a bit of Selma Lagerlöf: Porslinsfasaderna is, quite simply, Swedish storytelling at its best.” Amelia

– “In Sven Olov Karlssons third book, tragedy and the art of storytelling form an inseparable unit.” Expressen



When Sagas mother first time met Alvar on a dancing ground, it was not love on the first sight. Maybe the hormons and missing alternatives brought them together, but as Albertina got pregnant directly, Alvar was enough man of honour to marry her – as expected from his village people on the Swedish countryside in the 1930ies. Dreams had to be abandomed and money had to be earned, and happiness was not was Saga learned in her childhood.

When Knud Silver moved nextdoor to Sagas parents, she snapped at the chance to start a new life at his side, and as 35 year old Knud still was full of dreams of how to get rich, he seamed to be the right to keep her away from her fatal nightmares. But, live is hard, and even if Sara tries to avoid sleep, her nightmares get even worse when Knud starts to work as an auctioneer, and both Knud and the three children learn to fear the days after Sara gets enough sleep. Margona, the eldest doughter, tries to bear – even in literal sense – the family fate, and first when she leaves Eriksfors for good she get’s the chance to live a life chosen after own taste.

So, once again the honoured author of Swedish countryside-life has written a fascinating familystory, mixing parts of Swedish literature, folkhem-mind and magical realismen.


The author

Selling past 20 000 copies of his first novel in Sweden, Karlsson was awarded several scholarships and has kept readers anticipating his new work of fiction, The American House (2008), ever since. Critics were struck by Karlsson’s strong voice, well-balanced black humor and the prosy beauty of his writing.

Born in the Swedish province of Västmanland, Sven Olov Karlsson currently lives in Stockholm with his family


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