When the young girl Sonja Jansen sees a shadow in the neighbour´s house that stands empty this hot summer, it will be recently graduated 23 year old police woman Snow who takes a look in the quiet neighbourhood. At first glance, there is nothing to find, but the reader already knows better:
The basement in the house serves as the scene of kidnapping, liquidation and then effective removal of all physical traces. At the forefront of this rather unlikable work are the overweight older woman Esme Madsen and her nephew (or is he really?) Hansi.
And one beautiful summer night, even Sonja disappears. Snow should really focus on more important matters, as the search for the long-lost engineer Janni Kristoffersen working for her father´s oil industry, but Sonja reminds her of herself in a vulnerable way, and she starts to investigate on her own.
The fate of the two young women will eventually be linked to a large-scale fraud case involving certification of drilling rigs in the North Sea, and critical reports that have been lost. And, it turns out, a strikingly high number of female petroleum inspectors have also disappeared in recent years. The end becomes a dangerous race against time, and Snow’s life is at stake.

» … both the new protagonist and the plot are strikingly good …« Fri Fagbevegelse, Liv Lysaker


»With Nabovarsel, Unni Lindell defends her place at the top of modern Norwegian Crime«
VG, Sindre Hovedenakk

418 Seiten,
Capitana 2020