A grand novel about love and survival from an unknown part of Norwegian history

A Norwegian ship was torpedoed in the Indian Ocean in 1943. Konrad and Sverre, two brother from Sørlandet, are among the few who survive.
But they get separated, and Konrad ends up in a hospital in Java. There he falls in love with the Norwegian nurse Sigrid.

Both end up in different Japanese prison camps, and suddenly life is all about surviving the atrocities of war. They are both fighting to keep up the hope for a better future, but will they ever meet again? And what happened to Konrad’s brother?

A moving, upsetting and beautiful story that shows how love, courage and friendship can save people when life falls apart.

„Trude Teige can tell a story. This time she has traveled back in the history of war, to the drama in the East – and to Japanese captivity. It is a book with a powerful substance and a lot of nerve. „

– VG, Guri Hjeltnes