A series of horrific violent crimes connected to protest marches and demonstrations spreads fear among the public and police. At crime scenes all over Europe, a certain symbol appears, suggesting that an international group of radical activists might be at work here.
At Eurojust, the EU Agency for Criminal Justice in The Hague, an investigation team is appointed with Swedish prosecutor Esther Edh at the helm. The tracks soon lead to an animal rights organisation and a run-down country estate in southern Sweden, as well as to right-wing extremists in Germany and Denmark. As the international team of specialists connect the dots, a breathless battle against the clock begins in order to prevent more acts of violence.
At the same time, Esther Edh’s Italian colleague and friend Fabia Moretti has to face her own secret past and confront some dangerous demons and threats from the mafia once and for all.

BLIND FURY is a dramatic and multi-faceted thriller about the explosive anger hidden just below the surface of society, with frustration and feelings of injustice triggering individuals from all backgrounds and political convictions to unite in pure acts of rage.
Though fictitious, the plot is highly believable and relevant in the current political and societal climate. Thunberg Schunke’s series is a rare combination of nail-biting suspense, thorough research and her own unique professional competence in what is already now a huge challenge for international law enforcement.
At the same time, BLIND FURY is a moving story about individual morality and our need for human relations.

„Fantastic book, the best I’ve read in years.“
Maj Sjöwall on ETT HÖGRE SYFTE

ETT HÖGRE SYFTE (A Higher Purpose) awarded
by The Swedish Crime Academy

Kriminalroman, Hardcover
Piratförlaget 2022