„Anthropocene“ is an essay in the meaning that it follows a cause, a direction. Sörlin makes a reading of the Anthropocene, historicizes the concept, and argues – in distinction from many others – for its usefulness.

It is very personal and Sörlin argues in an emotional way for his own smallness, for human smallness, against aggrandizing us as humans, as some Anthropocene proponents do. He embraces a resurrection of politics, reading some of the most awkward sides of Anthropocene as an outcome of an uber belief in neoliberal globalization.

In the last chapter, the argument for Anthropocene as a useful concept is carved out very much in the context of the political turmoil of the last few years of neo-nationalism and nostalgic populism. It rests on the idea of a necessary transition to a more sustainable society, for which it is a healthy and realist point of departure.

non-fiction, 228 Seiten,
originally published by Svante Weyler Förlag (Sweden) 2017