Jonas fails to obtain his doctorate in a humiliating way. In the following weeks he loses control over his life and his relationship, ending up with nowhere to stay and no plans for the future. The only remnant of his former life is his job at the library. So, he drifts aimlessly around the campus and starts a love affair with his second supervisor Pia.

When Stefan, the Rockstar-professor and Jonas’ first supervisor, returns from one of his many stays abroad, a plan slowly evolves. If Stefan had helped him with his PhD, he would not have failed, would he? Jonas lures Stefan into the maze of the library, claiming he had found another, as yet unknown, letter written by Michel Foucault…

Novel, 180 Seiten,
originally published by Norstedts (Sweden) 2017

»This novel is funny and witty. It strikingly depicts the mess blind devotion and furious tur wars, that seem to have influence so many male relationships, result in.«

– Malin Ullgren, Dagens Nyheter