Agnes Lovise Matre was born and raised in the small Norwegian village in Hardanger and later moved to Haugesund, a town on the west-coast of Norway. She has been working as a teacher in secondary school since 1995.

Her novels deal with issues we do not dare to talk about, about how bad things can happen in seemingly peaceful and spectacular landscapes in the heart of Norway. Her novels are social-realistic fiction, full of suspense and interpersonal relationships. Her new crime novel Skinnet bedrar will be published in Germany by Droemer Knaur.


»Skinnet bedrar is a crime novel for those who are bored by foolish hyperboles and bold catchwords. What is offered instead is a sensitive, often poetic description of Norwegian and human nature in all its kinds … Matre is inventing a story that could possibly happen every day. That makes it a very sensitive and tender book … As the first book of a planned series this is a very solid ground to build on.«

– Ingvar Ambjørnsen, Dagbladet