Lars Mytting’s new novel to be released in the UK and the US this Spring

Lars Mytting’s magnificent historical novel The Bell in the Lake will be published in the UK by MacLehose Press on March 19th 2020 and in the US by The Overlook Press on June 16th 2020.

In Norway the novel has clocked one full continuous year on the Norwegian bestselling-list. For his previous books Mytting received the Norwegian Bookseller Award, he was nominated for the International Dublin Literary Award, he won the prestigious prize «Non Fiction Book of the Year» by British Book Awards and he has been nominated for the Dutch Translated Fiction Award.

Book Trailer by MacLehose Press

“Love, suspense, nature and superstition are woven together in this powerful novel. Set in spectacular surroundings where anything can happen it will give the reader a taste of something deeply and genuinely Norwegian.” – Maja Lunde

“An exquisitely atmospheric novel about the struggle to cherish the beauty that is right in front of us; be it a blue-dark night, the bear-colored wood of a decaying stave church, or a love that is blooming through a late-thawing snow. The Bell in the Lake does what fiction promises: to steal you away to another world and ask you, if unfairly, to leave a little of your heart behind.” – Derek B. Miller

“Rich, sinuous prose makes tangible the villagers’ gritty perseverance in the face of poverty, isolation and the unpredictable climate… The Bell in the Lake is a beautiful example of modern Norwegian folklore.” – Johanne Elster Hanson, The Guardian

“Lyrical, melancholy and with beautifully drawn characters, this pitches old beliefs against new ways with a haunting  delicacy that rings true.” – Eithne Farry, Daily Mail

“Mytting tells a story of archaic power. He involves us so intensely in this strange world, you start to believe that you have seen every single carved beam yourself.” – Brigitte

“Lars Mytting’s historical novel is captivating and engaging . . . With his powerful narrative style, intertwined story and detailed knowledge of carpentry, fishing and stave churches, there is reason to believe that this time he will again reach many many readers.” – Dagbladet

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