wurde 1960 in New York City geboren. Sie studierte bildende Kunst an der School of Visual Arts, NY, und an der Hochschule der Künste Berlin, wo sie seit 1984 lebt und arbeitet. Ihr erster Roman, A Lesser Day, erschien 2010 bei Spuyten Duyvil Press, Brooklyn, New York und erscheint voraussichtlich im Herbst 2017 im Literaturverlag Droschl. 2011 Stipendiatin am Ledig House in New York. Als Rezensentin schreibt sie für verschiedene Literaturzeitschriften, u.a. The Brooklyn Rail, Music & Literature und The Quarterly Conversation. Ihr zweiter Roman Like Lips, Like Skins ist in Arbeit.


»The book’s mission is awareness, seeing, … a Thoreauvian ‘meteorological journey of the mind.’  In the end, it is hard not to cheer on a mind so intent on reclaiming meaning from the abandoned, the forgotten, and the mundane.«

– KGB Bar Lit

»A LESSER DAY is a miraculous memoir intricately woven out of small wonders.
 Scrima’s is a world in which nothing is unobserved, nothing unnoticed; everything is fraught with meaning,
 however difficult it may be to discern. Few of us have any but the dimmest understanding of the lives we lead,
 moment to moment. The bravery and beauty of A LESSER DAY is in the effort to understand, to make clear,
 to illuminate even the tiniest gesture. On the surface an elegy for a father’s death, it ultimately becomes
 a monument to the human struggle to survive, to remember, to understand, and to love.«

– Robert Goolrick, author of The End of the World as We Know It

»A narrative kept closer than a secret, oozing in slow, soft, whispers … The work is delicate, yet naked and unapologetic, and our collective consciousness 
is greater for Spuyten Duyvil publishing this small, wondrous book.«

– The Brooklyn Rail

»A LESSER DAY is poetic, disturbing, elegiac, visceral, and beautiful. Scrima paints vivid, detailed memories of places to evoke a web of intimate relationships that emerges gradually from a temporal fog into shocking, unforgettable clarity.«

– Kate Christensen, winner of the 2008 PENN/Faulkner Award